Afghani Menu

Main Course


Soft drinks and mixed nuts are placed on each table.

  • White Rice (Zereshk Chalau)

    White steamed rice with dried barberries and zafron.

  • Brown Rice (Qabuli Palau)

    Fried rice with lamb meat, Almond, pistachio, carrot, sultanas, herbs & Spices

  • Yellow Rice (Narenge Palau)

    Yellow steamed rice, Orange extract, syrup, almond, pistachio.

  • Sticky Rice (Shaulah Goshti)

    Mung beans, white rice, lamb, mix beans, herbs & spices.

  • Korma Sabzi

    Lamb meat, spinach, shallots, herbs and spices.

  • Lamb Korma

    Lamb meat with herbs and spices.

  • Egg Plant (Banjan Borani)

    Fried egg plant, tomato, capsicum, herbs and spices.

  • Tandoori Chicken Kebab

    Marinated chicken tenders with herbs and spices.

Side Dishes

  • Salad (Salatah)
  • Fresh afghan and Lebanese bread
  • Turshi
  • Yougort (Most)